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Control Unleashed Class 

Controlled Unleashed, based on the book by Leslie McDevitt, is all about teaching your dog

how to handle distractions and help increase their confidence and focus.

This class is NOT appropriate for Reactive Dogs. 

5 weeks class. Dogs over 6 months old 

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Canine Husbandry and Cooperative Care Training 

This class will practice  step-by-step desensitization training to help increase cooperative skills in dogs and reduce stress and problematic behaviors during the care. In this class, we will focus on strengthening the communication pathway, teaching skills such as a chin rest,  body handling, ear cleaning, eye drop and injection administration and the dreaded nail trimming!

5 weeks class, Dogs over 6 months old

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Canine Enrichment Workshop

This workshop focuses on 6 types of enrichment activities;

Environmental, Social, Physical, Occupational, 

Nutritional and Sensory enrichment activities. 

Stimulates your dog's brain through doable and fun enrichment activities! 

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Upcoming: Dog Parkour/ Urban Agility 

Parkour can be very empowering. 

Dog Parkour combines elements of human parkour and dog agility to create appropriate outlets for dogs to jump, climb, balance over, crawl under, and go around different obstacles.

Parkour can be done anywhere. If you have a dog who is not suitable for a group setting due to his/her challenging behaviors, Dog parkour might be the right one for you to try! 

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